Andernach „Ons Schwimmbad“ / Germany

A multipurpose pool for bathers of all ages.




Bauherr: Stadt Andernach

Planer: soluto plan GmbH, Architekten | Ingenieure

Baujahr: 2019 - 2020

Wasserfläche: 1.300 m²

Rottenburg a.d. Laaber / Germany

Freibad Rottenburg a.d. Laaber Eckdaten

Freibad Rottenburg a.d. Laaber


Bauherr: Stadt Rottenburg a.d. Laaber, K-U-R-O-L Kommunalunternehmen

Planer: Ingenieurbüro Kienlein

Baujahr: 2019

Wasserfläche: 970qm

Oberengstringen / Schweiz

Hallenbad Oberengstringen


Bauherr: Gemeinde Oberengstringen

Planer: Hägi Riatsch Architektur

Baujahr: Juli bis November 2018

Wasserfläche:   145 m²

Alpenbad Wattens / Austria

New pool and attractions in the Alpenbad Wattens

The visitors have 5 pools with a total water surface of approx. 2,000 m² available.

The "Z-Basin" was renovated by us with the water treatment and the new attractions are: A flow channel, air bubble plates, swimming lanes and a wide-wave slide


Builder: Marktgemeinde Wattens

Planner: Architekturbüro Pichler

Year of construction: 2018

Water surface: 850 m2

Panorama swimming pool Freudenstadt

In the new outdoor pool is waiting a 50 meters pool, in a combination of swimmers and non-swimmers. There is also a separate children's pool and a children's playground, as well as a gastronomic offer.

Key Data 

Builder: Stadtwerke Freudenstadt GmbH

Planner: 4a architekten (Architektur), ES-Becken + WAB Ingenieurbüro L&P

Year of construction: 2017/2018

Water surface:  677 m²

photo: hsb/Freudenstadt GmbH

Rheinhessenbad in Nieder-Olm

Key Data 

Builder: Verbandsgemeinde Nieder-Olm

Planner: Bremer & Bremer

Year of construction: phase SWB + SÜB + KPB 2009/2010

                       phase Experiencepool 2016/2017

Water surface:  phase SWB + SÜB + KPB 1.074 m²

                       phase Experiencepool 670 m²




Lido Thumersbach/Austria

Infinity pool with panoramic view
The lido Thumersbach - with additional solar heated 25m swimming pool 

Key data:

Builder: Leisure center Zell am See

Planner:  TB PRO PLAN GmbH.

Year of construction: 2016 - 2017

Water surface: 312 m²

Höhenfreibad Gottmading / Germany

... built in high speed

The citizens of Gottmading received a new lido area including many attractions as two waterslides, a high end baby bay and best training condtions for swimmers.

Key Data

Builder: Gemeinde Gottmading

Planner: Planungsbüro Bauraum-Konstanz

Year of construction: 2014-2015

Water surface: 1500m²

Nenzing / Austria

The Walgau pool is right on trend

In addition to a 25 metre and a 50 metre sports pool, the other attractions include an Aquafit pool, an experience pool with a flow channel, a wave ball, two slides, as well as a diving pool.

Key data:

Builder: Walgau Freizeit & Infrastruktur GmbH

Planner: Architect bureau Pichler

Year of construction: 2014 - 2015

Water surface: 2000 m²

Lingolsheim / France


Key data:

Builder: Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg

Planner: Urbane Kultur

Year of construction: 2014

Water surface: 380 m²

Neue Reference Page

Neben dem Frei- bzw. Nichtschwimmerbereich stehen dem Besucher weitere Attraktionen wie Breitwasserrutsche, Sprungturm (3 m und 1 m) sowie Sprudelliegen zur Verfügung. Im Kleinkinderbecken  Wasserkanone, Wasserspiel mit Drehrad, Wasserpilz und verschiedenen Bodenspritzelementen)

Freibad Karlstadt am Main

Betreiber: Stadtwerke Karlstadt am Main

Baujahr 2014

Wasserfläche: 1.416 m2

Planer: Stadtverwaltung Karlstadt am Main

Pau / France

Key data:

Builder: Ville de Pau

Planner: Brochet Lajus Pueyo

Year of construction: 2014

Water surface: 1474 m²

Biebergemünd / Germany

A multi-purpose pool for bathing guests of all ages.

Key data:

Builder: Gemeinde Biebergemünd

Planner: protec ingenieure

Year of construction: 2011 - 2012

Water surface: 427 m²

Saimaan / Finland

1001 nights in Northern Europe

Bathing fun in Northern Finland. A special type of indoor experience. Including impressive architecture.

Key data:

Builder: Saimaa Rauha

Planner: PÖYRY Finland OY

Year of construction: 2011

Water surface: 570 m²

Neuwied / Germany

Colourful theme park

The latest LED technology combined with a stainless steel pool highlights the options that this combination has in terms of the complex colour scheme.

Key data:

Builder: Stadtwerke Neuwied

Planner: BLASS Architekten

Year of construction: 2007

Water surface: 2121 m²


Forchheim / Germany

The Forchheim indoor and outdoor pool complex offers bathing fun of the highest standards - both indoor and out!

Key data:

Builder: Stadtwerke Forchheim

Planner: PLAFOG Planungs GmbH

Year of construction: 2008 - 2009

Water surface: 2571 m²

Attnang / Austria

Swimming pool - Non-swimmer pool - Whirlpool - Diving pool - Children's plunge pool

Key data:

Builder: Stadt Attnang-Puchheim

Planner: PG Ernst Karl

Year of construction: 2004 - 2005

Water surface: 1155 m²

Pfarrwerfen / Austria

The worldwide first swimmingpool made of stainless steel, situated in Pfarrwerfen, is our first and oldest reference. This pool is - apart from adaptions to the change of the law - unchanged and in operation.

Key Data

Builder: Gemeinde Pfarrwerfen

Year of construction: 1969-1970

Watersurface: 556 m²