Well-thought out edging makes the difference in quality

The pool edging forms the top end of the pool wall and encloses this with the skimming weir inclined outwards by 30° that is also the handhold.

Built onto this is the overflow gutter where the side against the pool is inclined by 12° to prevent outgassing of the draining pool water and minimise the outflow noise.

This overflow gutter is dimensioned so that it requires no associated drainage line and meaning that just two overflow drain nozzles are required as for a sports swimming pool, for example. 

Graphic 1:
On the outer side of the wall is a groove to house the overflow gutter cover grate. The water level is 5 cm above the pool surrounding, the handhold is also 5 cm.

Graphic 2:
If the pool surrounding is to be raised to the water level as far as possible, the bracket for the grate, if the groove is not present, should be raised so that the handhold is reduced to the minimum dimension of 2 cm.

Graphic 3:
With diving pools, an overflow gutter inclined towards the pool by 3% reduces water loss considerably.
This overflow gutter is covered with a UV and pool water resistant PP grille and houses pool equipment such as starting block, water depth signs, line holders, stop walls, time measurement systems, ladder stiles, etc.
On the outside of the pool edging, a stainless steel bracket is securely welded on as required (indoor pool) to accommodate the remaining horizontal seal of the handling cover.

Technology: hsb specials

With decades of experience, hsb builds swimming pools made from stainless steel. In the process, we have developed solutions that are simply better for specific issues in the fields of technology, planning, production and assembly. This experience has a significant impact on the durability and quality of our stainless steel swimming pools, as well as on the enjoyment of the pool users. Under the heading of hsb specials we have provided an overview of the key technical features.